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Luxury Vinyl Planks (LVP)

Luxury Vinyl Planks (LVP) are manufactured with state of the art technology and the highest grade raw materials to produce a very affordable, high quality product that is environmentally safe and fit for purpose for both both residential and commercial applications 

The composition of the planks from the backing layer through to the 0.5mm wear layer and high P3 rated, polyurethane reinforced surface layer provides greater safety, stability and durability.  The very high density core also promotes excellent in-situ acoustic properties*.

Luxury Vinyl Planks are available in a range of eighteen faithful reproductions of beautiful and natural wood prints. A micro-bevel beveled edge on the top accentuates the floors design intention and decor. Bevelling helps hide subfloor imperfections and reduces the chances of edge lipping.

Our recommended installation method is direct-stick using a water dispersible hard-set adhesive. A micro-bevel on the back of the plank provides greater adhesive transfer and bond to the subfloor, which further enhances the dimensional stability of the planks.

*NOTE: Some suppliers chose to quote that their particular product will provide a certain decibel reduction value. These figures should be treated with caution as the reality is that the levels impact isolation are unpredictable and inconsistent from site to site. True acoustic performance  needs to account for all site specific factors such as:

  • Slab thickness. Has an effect of reducing noise by approximately 9 dB per doubling of mass.
  • Whether the slab is pre or post tensioned. This can have a significant effect in the ability of a slab to re-radiate impact noise to lower areas.
  • The density and composition of the concrete floor.
  • Ceiling height and composition.
  • The location of beams, columns and shear walls.
  • The locations and types of interior wall and structural supports.
  • Any floor leveling topping systems applied. These can be air-rated concrete, which in some cases are in themselves a reasonably effective impact isolation treatment.
  • The presence or not of window furnishings.
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Prices Starting from $26 a square metre fully installed on Foam Underlay


Prices starting from as low as $23.00 a square metre including GST


Listed are repairs we carry out on damaged carpet that needs repair


Loop Pile $26m2 Fully Installed / Twist Pile $35m2 Fully Installed