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Carpet Repairs

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Carpet Repair Gold Coast

Don’t put up with unsightly damaged carpets! We provide professional repair services at affordable prices. We have a no-hassle guarantee too!

Residential and Commercial Carpet Repairs

Wizard Carpets provides carpet repair services to local homeowners and local businesses. No job is too small from minor damage as in a cigarette burn to large power stretching of unsightly wrinkled carpet. We offer the best solution for any carpet damage. We solve carpet problems for many large Hotels and Hi-rise and Low-rise apartments as well.

We Will Handle Your Insurance Claim

Do you have an insurance claim? We can even bill your insurance company!

Carpet Repair Services

  • Cigarette burns
  • Iron burns
  • Pot plant damage
  • Sun damage
  • Patching
  • Split seams
  • Restretching
  • Carpet laying
  • Door trims fitted
  • Pet odours removed
  • Let the experts look after your carpet repairs!

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