Is Vinyl Flooring The Right Choice For Your Home?

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Is Vinyl Flooring The Right Choice For Your Home?

Vinyl flooring has been an ultimate choice among homeowners in the past few years, and perhaps it can be the right option for your home as well. Possibly, you have moved in with your family and are looking for a durable floor. Or, maybe you are thinking of some ways to increase the value of your home in the market. Whatever the reason is, a little up-gradation is always a good idea. 

Vinyl flooring is an excellent flooring option for high-traffic areas. You will get a high-quality luxury appearance at an affordable cost. It is easy to install and requires no maintenance at all. 

Now, you must be wondering that so many options are available in the market, but why choose vinyl flooring for your home? To answer it, you need to read this in-depth guide thoroughly, which covers the types of vinyl floor, its benefits, and much more.

What Is Vinyl Flooring?

Vinyl flooring is made of synthetic materials like PVC vinyl, fiberglass, and plasticizer. You feel comfortable when you are walking on it because it uses multiple layers and a thick core. Moreover, it uses HD printing for appealing and authentic hardwood and tile looks. These attractive floorings are water, stain, and moisture resistant and are perfect options for all types of buildings. They are suitable for high moisture areas like basements, mudrooms, and bathrooms.

A super durable and affordable option with no scratching and erosion is what your home needs. Due to its versatility, luxury vinyl is in high demand for rental estates, second houses, and cottages. 

What Are The Types Of Luxury Vinyl Flooring?

Three main types of vinyl flooring are luxury vinyl planks, luxury vinyl plank, and sheet vinyl. No matter which option you prefer, make sure not to place it over the previous flooring. Take off any linoleum, cork, or carpeting before installing the new vinyl floor and ensure a dry, smooth base later. 

Luxury Vinyl Planks

Plank flooring is made up of different layers of synthetic materials to offer a style like hardwood floors. It is one of the realistic wood floor alternatives at a lower cost. Like hardwood, it comes in long planks but is essentially made from PVC plastic. It is a convenient choice for many reasons: it is completely waterproof, and even odors won’t absorb due to a non-porous surface. Also, it is not affected by any climate change and can present various trendy colors and textures. The luxury plank floor does not require any expensive maintenance. Moreover, it is thicker and rigid than sheet vinyl, thus making it scratch-free and highly durable. 

Sheet Vinyl

Sheet vinyl flooring requires a relatively easy installation process along with providing versatile looks from stone to hardwood. It comes in large, flexible sheets that offer patterned designs at a budget-friendly cost. Modern sheet vinyl mimics wooden, and stone flooring looks and fulfills your aesthetic appeals. The sheets are fully impervious to water and durable against wear. Its durability depends on the thickness of the sheet. It has a more stable subfloor than vinyl planks and tiles. If you are among those people whose tastes change according to the trend, sheet vinyl is the right option. It also promotes a healthier indoor environment since it emits low VOC. 

Luxury Vinyl Tile

Many homeowners find vinyl tiles the best flooring option because they mimic a stone, porcelain, or ceramic tile look at low cost. It is similar to LVP in construction and has a more rigid vinyl layer than sheet vinyl. Since the single tile square is easy to assemble, LVT flooring is easy to install. 

Two ways of vinyl tile include inlay and rotogravure tile. The first one has multiple same colored layers of vinyl and then final protective covering. The color will be matching even if the vinyl layers wear away. The latter is less expensive and has a thin vinyl layer on the top and a protective coating. In the case of high traffic, the layer of vinyl can wear away. 

Construction of Vinyl Flooring

Vinyl flooring comes with easy installation and provides you with many construction options as well. 

Glue Down

By using a pressure-sensitive adhesive, you can glue down vinyl planks and tiles over plywood underlayment. Such dry back options are great for mudrooms, laundry rooms, kitchens, and bedrooms where spills are wiped easily. Moreover, luxury vinyl tiles are warmer than traditional tiles. 

Floating Click

It is a popular format in DIY ideas. No requirement for underlayment or glue; thus, you can use click planks and tiles over any leveled surface. However, the construction may require additional transitions than glue down one. 

Enhanced Backed

For more stability, floating click vinyl tiles and planks are constructed with a composite backing. Cork or foam on the back is also an option in some floorings. Yet, there is no particular need for backing floors in installation. 

Why is The Vinyl Flooring Right Option For You?

If you are thinking of renovating your home, changing your floors into stylish ones with trendy designs is the best option. Other than waterproof and stain-resistant properties, here are some of the advantages that come with vinyl flooring. 


Luxury vinyl tiles and planks offer stylish designs in so many colors and textures. Several realistic formats like wood or stone styles are available to give your floors a more concrete appearance. With this versatility, it is an excellent option for you.


The finishing products of the floor have aluminum oxide and a transparent wear layer for more durability. It is suitable for active households living in challenging climates. Such multiple layered floors can last up to 25 years, depending on their quality and maintenance.

Moreover, it can deal with moisture issues and withstands everyday life. No need to worry about children or pets anymore!


With an A+ rating on VOC, Vinyl flooring is not only budget-friendly, but it is also environmentally friendly. Vinyl planks have gone through antibacterial testing as well. 

Final Words

Today. Vinyl flooring is making its way into various applications. It is becoming a popular option, especially for kitchens and bathrooms, because of its fair durability and water-resistance properties. Not only is it cost-effective, but also available in a variety of appearances to turn your house into a luxury home. 

So, do you think your home needs a bit of an upgrade? Start transforming your floors with vinyl flooring.