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Wizard Carpets Pacific Pines

Specialists in Carpet and Vinyl Floor Coverings in Pacific Pines

Wizard Carpets Pacific Pines, our focus is to supply the best quality carpets and vinyl floor coverings, offer excellent carpet repairs and help you maintain and care for your carpet. We know carpets! Wizard Carpets is a family-owned business that has been providing quality carpets and carpet repair services for over 30 years.

New Carpets Pacific Pines

When it comes to carpets in Pacific Pines, Wizard Carpets provides top quality new carpets with many styles, colours, and price ranges. We source our carpets locally and from our trusted international suppliers. Extensive choice for the astute home owner, commercial business or property manager.

Carpet Repairs Pacific Pines

Our expert team can provide the advice and solution for fixing your carpet quickly and to your budget. Call today to speak to us about your carpet – we look after all types of rips or tears and virtually any kind of spill.

Big Savings and Free Quotes on Carpets in Pacific Pines

Wizard Carpets is a locally owned business offering top quality carpets and carpet repairs at affordable prices. We have a mobile service – we come to you, so this means we pass our savings onto you.

Fast Service and After Hours

We offer a fast, dependable and hassle-free service. We will be happy to accommodate your schedule. Call us for after-hour appointments too!

Who We Serve

  • Local homeowners in Pacific Pines
  • Commercial businesses in Pacific Pines
  • Apartment building managers in Pacific Pines
  • Rental property managers and owners in Pacific Pines

At Wizard Carpets Pacific Pines, we provide quality carpets and carpet repair.
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