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Limed Grey Oak

Aquacoustic Hybrid Fiesta 6mm thick offers seventeen colours in a wider plank  – 1500mm x 230mm

The print film is protected by a 0.5mm wear layer and then a further two coats of ceramic matt UV polyurethane surface protection.

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The unique engineered tri-layer limestone polymer core provides greater dimensional stability compared to mono-layer alternatives or natural timber and the hardness of the core significantly improves the indent resistance of the surface.

The composition of the limestone core means that the cutting/sanding dust provided contains less than the GHS threshold (GHS hazard categories represent the known hazards of the chemical) of 0.1% by weight, which is required by Safe Work Australia. This means the product is not of concern with regard to respirable crystalline silica.

SPC incorporates a 1.5mm natural cork backing layer.


Colours: Aged Oak, Baltic Grey, Black Butt, Bleached Oak, Brushed Oak, Coastal Limed Oak, Coastal Spotted Gum, Golden Teak, Grand oak, Heartridge Oak, Ivory Ash, Kempas, Limed Grey Oak, Midnight Oak, Smoulder Oak, Spotted Gum, Washed Oak

Size: 6 x 230 x 1500mm

Finish: 0.55mm Wear Layer

Formaldehyde Rating: E0

Installation Method: CLICK SYSTEM

Slip Test: P3

SQM per Box: 2.42m2/box

Pieces per Box: 7 pieces/box

Weight (kg}: 24kg/box

Length (mm): 1500mm

Width (mm): 230mm

Height (mm): 6mm

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